The personal experience of Magellan Alliance Coaches and Consultants includes the following:


  • For a North American insurance carrier, wrote the game plan for transforming the business-to-business side of the company into a customer-centric, marketing savvy organization: program involved assessing current positioning, developing marketing plans, and designing approaches to tackling specific marketing issues. Worked with the leadership of five commercial insurance business units in developing and implementing go-to-market strategies. Provided assistance with needs-based market assessments, market segmentation, competitor analysis, account targeting, value proposition development, channel management strategies, and account planning processes; developed blueprint for executing value propositions.
  • For a high technology company developing three-dimensional medical imaging equipment for use in neurosurgery, assisted in developing a company strategy, addressing organizational issues, and communicating the strategy to corporate investors and board members.
  • For the financial services division of one of North America’s Big Three automotive manufacturers, conducted a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy review, including in-depth assessments of eleven operating units and their marketing performance as well as recommendations regarding division-wide branding and marketing strategy.
  • For a North American property insurer, assisted in identifying and determining the strategic implications of major trends in technology, demographics, globalization, natural resources, the environment, and geo-political risks.
  • For an Indian business process outsourcing corporation, identified acquisition candidates and assisted in setting up acquisition discussions.
  • For a consortium of five Filipino universities, assessed the prospects for attracting Chinese students to study in the Philippines.
  • For a Filipino services firm, have assessed the prospects for entering or further penetrating Asian markets, including China, India, Indonesia, and Singapore.
  • For a large European provider of business information services, assisted in assessing post-merger integration issues and likely customer preferences for organizational priorities.
  • For individual managed care plans, have addressed a broad array of issues, including branding, provider relations, broker perceptions, acquisition opportunities, and relative competitive positions. For example, for a major Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, led research efforts involving focus groups, telephone surveys, and conjoint analysis that profiled competitor positions, provided an understanding of how consumers select health plans, and identified the relative attractiveness of various managed care products.


  • For a major Asian conglomerate, have provided extensive, multi-year leadership development services, focused on elevated the understanding of high potential managers and executives in four critical areas: strategy, leadership, innovation, and change management. Longitudinal research by McKinsey found that the company’s management had made substantive improvements, particularly in strategy and innovation.
  • For over thirty-five other corporations, have provided corporate education services that have involved a total of more than one thousand Asian managers and executives. The relationship with the client typically has begun with a needs assessment – with discussions most frequently involving the CEO regarding perceived gaps in leadership competencies. From that basic understanding, we have created multi-week programs designed to address those gaps. Execution of the program has involved sessions that require reading case studies and relevant articles along with active classroom participation in case discussions. Individual sessions also include application of case study insights to the client’s business. The culmination of the program – where the core value of the program has been proven – has been an action learning project, where key takeaways from the program have been used by participants to resolve a critical issue, capitalize on an opportunity, or innovate a new line of products for the client corporation


  • For an Asian services firm, led thirty senior executives and managers through leadership transformation. The transformation process began with 360-degree assessments that calibrated both individual and collective leadership effectiveness. One-on-one coaching sessions were held with executives to ensure they understood the results of their individual 360-degree assessments. Then sessions, spaced a month apart, were held with the executives and managers as a group. In those sessions, participants were taken through a series of exercises that enabled them to have a fresh, clear understanding of their own and their colleagues’ leadership strengths and shortcomings, that gave them a common language for being mindful of those leadership characteristics, and that got them working collaboratively on ways of helping each other and of elevating the organization’s overall effectiveness.
  • For numerous companies with Asian operations, have coached executives, helping them elevate their leadership performance. For example, coached eight executives (including the CEO) of an Asian utility that had an underperforming management team. At a different company, coached two Asian executives who were in the running to become country manager of a U.S. financial services firm. At a third corporation, a European firm operating in Asia, coached an executive whose performance was considered to be competent but not superior. In each instance, our approach has been to determine senior management’s priorities for the coaching, understand the coachee – where they are now, what their goals are, and what their capacity for transformation is - ensure that the coachee feels the respect we have for them and that our priority is to help them advance their leadership capabilities, explore the assumptions that underlie the coachee’s approach to leadership, work with the coachee to create a plan for enhancing their leadership effectiveness and to identify actions the coachee enthusiastically will take to execute that plan, honor our commitment to the coachee that we maintain the confidentiality of our discussions with the coachee, and, within the bounds of that confidentiality, communicate with our executive clients in a manner that is helpful to both the organization and the coachee.
  • For a major European electronics manufacturer, developed an organizational structure for its medical systems division that would enable the company to compete more effectively on a global basis. Also conducted an assessment of the interface between European and North American operations, evaluated North American sales and service, and assessed ways of reversing a serious sales decline in one of the division’s product lines.
  • For the New York office of a European advertising agency, assessed organizational effectiveness issues across creative services and brand management functions.